My mom got to have Christmas at home after spending three days in the ICU. Lab results from the biopsy conflicted with the surgeon’s diagnosis of thymoma, so a specialist team from an oncology lab looked at the results, but we don’t know their findings yet. Tomorrow, she sees her oncologist proper for the first time to get the combined results, try to understand the prognosis, and start the decision-making process re: treatment.

She still sounds great, though the physical recovery from the surgery has been very hard. Theoretically we’ll have a firm(er) diagnosis this week, and will thus be able to start making plans for treatment, travel, and all that.

About five years back, Peter and I started taking two weeks off at Christmas, with nothing scheduled in the days between Christmas Eve and New Year’s. It’s never felt more important than it does this year. I hope your holidays were and are and will be full of good things.